"CARTON VÉLOCYPÈDE": your bicycle's ID

My idea was that most important things have identification - people, car, pets etc - so why not bicycles which are equally important, for some. Whether it's to have a handy summary of the technical specifications of your bike for when you need to fix something for example, as well as an upkeep and repairs record, or to have a very precise record of it in case it gets stolen, such a thing could definitely come in handy on more than one occasion. That and the hugely important fact I just like the idea of "Gary" "Louison" "MC" and the rest of them having their own official papers...

These are a first idea for the papers. The cover is on doc.1, far right; middle of doc.1 is the back, and left is folded inside. Doc. 2 is to be printed on the other side and seen as such once the right section is folded out.